Every $1 Spent Helps Support A Victim. Be The CHANGE!

Bead Bracelet Studios

Welcome to our store! We are a company that handcrafts our products and based in Los Angeles, California. Our goal as a company is to not only make the best products for you as a consumer, but it is to help support victims of domestic abuse. With each donation, we promote institutional change within the justice system that reduces the operation and impact of bias based on gender, race, immigration status, age, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation in DV cases. We also help advocate for the adoption of policies and practices within criminal justice agencies that remove barriers to safety and justice for DV victims and their families, while reducing the risk of further violence or homicide. This is why we donate 15% of all profits go to National Womens Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation (NWCAVE.org) at the end of every business quarter.

Strength of a Wolf Bracelet

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My husband and I absolutely loved our bead bracelets and will definetly buy more!

Susanne P.

You guys saved me! Great present for my girlfriend for her birthday! She loved it. So happy to support this cause.

Ronald Q.

So happy to support these victims and support your business! Love the bracelets. 

Mary W.

My children love these! I can't stop buying them for my kids or their friends! Keep it up.

Pierre E.

Did not think I was a bracelet wearer until I decided to support! Now I don't take it off and can't stop telling my friends about you guys!

Peter C.

My wife wears hers on her ankle every day and I just wanted to thank you for bringing so much happiness to her life!

Ben B.

Amazing product!!! I got my bracelet within a few days after ordering! I now wear it everyday! Has drastically improved my chances with women!!!

Bico Z.